Driving instructor's car a write-off

00:59, Sep 13 2012
Kevin Bannan STD
THAT IS A FAIL: Nelson driving instructor Kevin Bannan with his car at the scene of an accident in Waimea Road this morning.

Nelson driving instructor Kevin Bannan's car will probably be written off after a four-wheel-drive did a U-turn in front of it on Waimea Rd.

Mr Bannan said a student was behind the wheel of his Suzuki Swift when the crash happened about 8am today.

They had pulled out of Motueka St and were heading south on Waimea Rd in the merging lane when the other vehicle did the U-turn.

Constable Shane Ohlson said this morning the driver of the 4WD had admitted he was at fault, and would be charged with careless driving.

"He needed to turn around to go back to the hospital and did a U-turn in front of us," Mr Bannan said.

They were forced to take evasive action, but the Swift was hit on the front.


The vehicles ended up off the road on the opposite side of the road. The road remained open, but traffic was slowed past the crash.

"It's a big solid 4WD and it hit quite a weak part, most of the damage is where the headlight was."

He had only just got his car back from the panelbeaters three weeks ago, after it was damaged in a nose to tail.

The airbags deployed in the car, leaving Mr Bannan with a bleeding nose.

He said his student walked back to Nelson College, where he had an exam at 9am.

Mr Bannan said he would be forced to cancel his lessons for today, and although he had a manual vehicle he would need a replacement manual.

Mr Ohlson said the driver in the 4WD was from out of town and unsure of the roads.

He said the driver had looked in his mirrors but had not checked his blind spots.