Speed the essence at healthy fast food outlet

00:11, Sep 13 2012
Dulcie McArthur and Randi Westphal
GOOD TO GO: Dulcie McArthur and Randi Westphal with the Salad Bowl’s new cart on Trafalgar St.

A new food cart set up in central Trafalgar St by owners of The Salad Bowl cafe drew a steady stream of customers on its first day of business yesterday.

Co-owner Mrs Randi Westphal said she saw the need for another outlet for their business in Bridge St and to provide a fast and efficient service.

Most of their custom is lunchtime trade and she is aware people have limited time in their breaks and want good nutritious food.

“It's healthy, it's fast, it's made fresh every day,” she said. “It's good for you and it's inexpensive.”

Mrs Westphal will sell several varieties of salads, wraps and pastas and intends to have different soups each day. Prices start at $5.

Sam Moss bought wraps for her children and herself and she appreciated the convenience.


“I've never been to The Salad Bowl but I usually like a salad for lunch,” she said. “I saw it and thought I would give it a try.”

Mrs Westphal opened their original business two years ago and said more than 70 per cent of their Bridge St customers were regulars. “They all work in the city centre and they all keep coming back,” she said.

Nelson City Council has strict guidelines on applying and obtaining a licence for a commercial food stall and food hygiene regulations must also be met.

Mrs Westphal wants to try and stay in the same spot year round.

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