Weird and wonderful WearableArts

01:04, Sep 28 2012
Hero Mengye Wa
Hero by Mengyue Wa and Yuru Ma, China.
WOW- City lolita
City Lolita by Deborah Sheperd, Paeroa.
WOW - Teasel
Teasel by Lynn Christensen, United States.
WOW Bombyx Mori
Bombyx Mori by Josephine Sharp, Auckland.
WOW - Laser Gaga
Laser Gaga by Janice Elliott, Christchurch.
WOW Birth of Genus
Birth of Genus by Mercia and Hans Paaymans, Hastings.
Thickskinned by Judith Keith, Auckland.
WOW Mexi kahlo
Mexi-Kahlo by Sally Blyth, Auckland.
WOW Stansway
Stansway by Julie Brawley, Nelson.
WOW tribal dancers
Tribal Dancers by Luiz Fernando Sereno Penna, Auckland.
WOW Saker suit
Shaker Suit by Erica Gray, Australia
WOW futuristic retro
Futuristic-Retro Girls by Loretta Johnson, Canterbury.
WOW caution water line
Caution Water Line Below by Margie McDonald, United States.
WOW precious childhood
Precious Childhood by Chan Yee Wing, Hong Kong.
WOW Soul of pianting
Soul of Pianting by Tong Hok Lam, Hong Kong.
WOW jailbird
Jailbird by Kerrie Williams, Motueka.
WOW respelendent
Resplendent Warrior by Wong Ho Yee, Hong Kong.
WOW Hive
Hive and Seek by Karen Gurney, Rangiora.
WOW beauty
Beauty and the Beast, Kate Hellyar, Leeston.
WOW Socks
Is it Socks? by Alison Mackay and Gabrielle Edmonds, Lower Hutt.
WOW transformation
Transformation by Emma Vitz, Nelson.
WOW mummy and my
The Mummy and My Mammy by Ya Ting Yang, Taiwan.
WOW harpagornis
Harpagornis by Jan Ubels, Auckland.
WOW marquise
Marquise Rawahi by Beatrice Carlson, Auckland.
Wearable Arts
Ocean Currents by Ya-Yuan Lin of Taiwan
WOW Powelliphanta
Powelliphanta Pine by Sally Spackman, Wellington
Wearable Arts
Octopus's Garden (part of) by Helen Millen of Picton
Wearable Arts
Octopus's Garden (part of) by Helen Millen of Picton
Wearable Arts
As Water Falls by Marie Gant Roxburgh of Christchurch
Wearable Arts
I Am The Rose Of Sharon by Seuem Lee of Wellington
Wearable Arts
Taniwha, Aboard by Kayla Christensen of Paraparaumu
Wearable Arts
The Way Back Home by Kerry Gelmi of Australia
Wearable Arts
Dark Prelude by Paul Hagger of Australia
Wearable Arts
Totally Sheepish by Sarah Peacock of Te Kuiti
Wearable Arts
I Stitch, Sew I Am by Anna Hicks of Wellington
Wearable Arts
Unplugged by Jenny Bain of Dunedin
Wearable Arts
Serpentina by Lorene Ireland of USA
Wearable Arts
Games Control by Hadar Makovki of Israel
Wearable Arts
Navadurga by Govind Jumar Singh of India
Wearable Arts
Flamenco Rosus by Kristen Perica of Lower Hutt.
Wearable Arts
Sosten De La Muertos by Georgia Whelan of Lower Hutt
Wearable Arts
Gaia Organica by Vicky Robertson and Natasha Macaulay of Wellington
Wearable Arts
Abracalypse Now (centre) by Wendy Moyer of Mexico
Wearable Arts
Rorschach's Dreamscape by Rodney Leong of Auckland
Wearable Arts
Dove by Susan Holmes of Auckland
Wearable Arts
Origins by Rita Schrieken of Paraparaumu
Wearable Arts
Beast In The Beauty by David Walker of USA
Wearable Arts
Kotuku - Broken Requiem by Bronwyn Knutson and Tatyanna Meharry of Christchurch
Wearable Arts
She Shells by Sadhana Peterson of Australia
Wearable Arts
The Glamour Card by Jaswant Daranga and Nilmani Kumar of India

The 24th annual Brancott Estate World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards have kicked off for 2012, in front of a packed out TSB Arena crowd of 3800 people in Wellington.

The two-hour show encompasses art, theatre, dance and music, but the 164 garments, designed by both amateurs and professionals, are the real stars of the show.

Tickets have sold out for each night of the show up until the final on October 7, but if you don't mind going solo, there are a couple of single seats available each night, organisers say.

The winners will be announced after tomorrow's show.

Nelson had 14 garments by 11 designers chosen for this year's show. Five of them were bizarre bra section entries, with names like Bosom Buddies, Braometer and Buxus Lass. 

The other designers of the Nelson garments are: Sabine Bender, Kerrie Williams, Emma Vitz, Mike Ward, Nicki van Asch, Cassandra Thomson, Gillian Saunders, Julie Brawley, Sophie Collie and Sue Henderson.

WOW founder Suzie Moncrieff, who created WOW in Nelson in 1987 to take ''art off the wall and onto the human form'', is already pleased with this year's talent.

''The sheer brilliance of the garments, the stunning sets and the choreography come together to make this year's show another outstanding success.''

The show features a variety of performances, including a UV display of illuminated garments.


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