Erosion solutions out soon

Solutions to the erosion of Jackett Island and to improve the channel access to Port Motueka are progressing with the preferred options going to the Tasman District Council next month.

Parties involved in the process met with Judge Brian Dwyer of the Environment Court on Wednesday.

While the council has identified a number of ideas, the preferred options are being modelled and will be presented to the engineering services committee meeting on November 22 before going out for public consultation.

The council's spend on the erosion and investigating a long-term solution and improvements to the port's access was driven by a successful Environment Court case taken by the Van Dyke family in the late 1990s. They argued their island home was being threatened by erosion caused by a council groyne built on the northern side of the Port Motueka channel.

Modelling the solution options and funding interim protection wok for the Van Dyke's home has come from $650,000 allocated from the former Port Motueka Endowment Fund (now Motueka Harbour and Motueka Coastal Works Fund).

The council has budgeted $2.84 million in the 2013-2015 period to fund the long-term solution.

The Nelson Mail