What a load of rubbish

19:06, Oct 10 2012
Rubbish truck
RUBBISH DUMP: Police attend the scene of the crash involving a rubbish truck on the Hope Saddle.

A rubbish truck coming from the West Coast to dump rubbish in Nelson crashed on the Hope Saddle spilling its load.

Nelson man Bruce Monro said he and his wife were travelling back from Christchurch after visiting Australia to attend the Bathurst 1000.

Mr Monro said the truck crashed on the Nelson side of the Hope Saddle.

Skid marks could be seen on the road before the crash.

He was told the rubbish truck was on its way to dump rubbish in Nelson.

"He dumped it in the wrong valley," Mr Monro said.

It was the second crash the couple had seen on their way back to Nelson, Nelson City Council network services executive manager Alec Louverdis said the NCC had an agreement with the Buller District Council (BDC) to accept 3000 tonnes annually. This agreement was reviewed annually and was part of the Joint Waste Minimisation Strategy between the Tasman District Council and NCC.

Mr Louverdis said the truck brought rubbish to Nelson and took other products back to the BDC.