Region braces for weekend storm

22:10, Oct 11 2012
Bridge St, Nelson
HARD RAIN: Bridge St, Nelson, seen through a rain-lashed car window.

Householders are being advised to prepare for heavy rain forecast for the Nelson region tonight.

Nelson City Council asks residents to clear leaves and other rubbish from any stormwater grills near their property.

"If sumps are blocked, rain water can quickly build up, adding to the risk of flood damage," says Phil Hamblin, Manager Capital Projects. "Leaves falling and blocking the grills can be a problem."

"Council staff cannot get to check every stormwater drain in the city, and the role of residents in keeping drains near their properties clear is a great help in minimising surface flooding" Mr Hamblin says.

The caution follows the issue of a severe weather warning from the MetService, which says it is a significant event. The forecast is:

For the ranges of Buller and Northwest Nelson

Rain is expected to set in this afternoon. In the 21 hours from 6pm Friday to 3pm Saturday, expect 150-200mm of north-northwesterly rain in the ranges with peak rates of 15-20mm/hr after 6am Saturday.

For the Richmond and Bryant Ranges

Rain is expected to develop this evening and become heavy tonight. From midnight Friday to 3pm Saturday, expect 100-125mm northerly rain with peak rates up to 15mm/hr from 6am Saturday