Seminar on plant food to 'break apart all the myths'

23:30, Oct 12 2012

People want to bring more plant food into their diets, but often do not know how to make it interesting, says a nutrition specialist.

Libby Weaver, a holistic nutrition specialist who is in Nelson next week, said people often found that besides stir-frying or steaming they were at a loss as to how to serve or prepare plant food, meaning they often did not do so.

The dilemma sparked her latest book, Dr Libby's Real Food Chef, to provide more recipe options.

She said of the 35 times we eat each week - three main meals a day and two snacks - most people would get her tick of approval only for seven "for having plenty of plant food and no preservatives.

"What I want to do is offer people ideas. For them to say ‘I'm going to bring one new recipe into my life every week'.

"Within absolutely no time at all they're going to be at 14 out of 35 meals a week that will get my tick of approval and they've literally doubled the plant food in their diet."


Dr Libby is coming to Nelson to promote her book and give a seminar on the Fundamentals of Food. She said she was looking forward to returning to Nelson after the city had the biggest turnout in the country during her last tour in May.

"What I find is there's so much misinformation about what people actually need to eat. I want to break apart all the myths, to really bring clarity to people and get rid of the confusion."

Part of her talk will focus on the idea of eating more "plant food", eating more fruits and vegetables, the way they come from nature.

"When I get people to focus on amping up the plant food and fruit and vegetable content, people often misunderstand and think ‘Oh she's going to tell me to cut out lots of other things'. That's not the case, I just want them to focus on [introducing plant food], and very naturally people's desire for more processed food just starts to fall away."

The book and seminar was for people who wanted more practical information, who had read about her nutritional concepts and wanted to increase plant food but did not know how to do so in a way that was interesting.

"I want to make it simple for people to understand their body and health. I'll be breaking down the myths and giving really practical information."

The Fundamentals of Food seminar will be held at Cityfitness in Annesbrook on Tuesday at 6.30pm.

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