Jewellery theft 'scummy'

00:00, Oct 18 2012

The son of a Blenheim jeweller whose home was burgled just days after he died has branded the thieves as scum.

Jamie Weir said the thieves must have heard that his father, Philip Weir, 62, had died on Sunday, leaving his workshop full of rings and bracelets.

The thieves made off with 20 to 30 items, Jamie Weir said. However, their value wasn't yet clear, as they belonged to customers of jewellery shops his father did repairs for.

The family were trying to make contact with the shops, most of which were based in Marlborough, with one or two possibly in Nelson and Motueka, Mr Weir said.

The items were kept in individual packets with labels describing their contents and the customers' names.

Some of the jewellery could be family heirlooms or have sentimental value, Mr Weir said.


"Jewellery is important to people. Whoever did this is pretty scummy. I guess they heard he had passed away and did it on purpose."

Philip Weir, a father of three who lived alone in Rarangi, was found dead by his neighbour on Sunday, sitting in his recliner chair.

Jamie Weir, who lives in Nelson, arrived in Marlborough yesterday morning to find the jewellery missing from his father's workshop inside the house.

A window pane had been removed in one of the bedrooms to gain entry, he said.

"The rubber [seal] had been peeled back and the glass carefully removed."

Nothing else in the house had been touched, Mr Weir said.

The Nelson Mail