Repeat river rescue

It was deja vu for emergency services as they airlifted three people off the roof of a four-wheel-drive stuck in the Appleby River on Sunday afternoon.

Police received a call just after 4pm after a vehicle of young people became stuck during an attempted river crossing.

The driver had tried to cross near the Appleby Bridge, close to the spot where another vehicle was stuck on October 16.

The two men and one woman, all under 20, were winched off the roof around 4.45pm by the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter.

Sergeant Steve Savage, of Nelson Police, said he was relieved it was not the same people who had needed to be rescued earlier in the week.

He said it was frustrating that inexperienced drivers continued to attempt river crossings in four-wheel-drives.

The helicopter would be better used for medical emergencies, accidents or search and rescue than river rescues, he said.

The Nelson Mail