Man jailed for assaults on children

00:03, Nov 02 2012

A 25-year-old Nelson man was jailed for 23 months for indecent assaults of three girls under 16.

Ryan Noel Brooks was sentenced in the Nelson District Court yesterday after earlier admitting charges of unlawful sexual connection and indecent assault.

Judge Tony Zohrab said Brooks had been diagnosed with inter-personal difficulties and emotional and cognitive problems.

The charges related to three separate complainants, two aged 13 and one aged 15.

Brooks was invited to stay at the home of the first girl who was 13.

He said Brooks ended up being in the same bedroom as the girl at one point and started hugging and kissing her.


Later in the night Brooks texted the girl again.

She went into his room to tell him to stop texting her, and when asked she said she did not want to lose her virginity to him, Brooks got upset.

The next morning a similar pattern of events happened and the girl went into Brooks room to tell him to stop texting her. Brooks told her to get under the blankets and started hugging and kissing her and touched her inappropriately.

Brooks went to the house of the third victim in July, he texted her and told her he loved her and indecently assaulted her under a blanket while they were watching TV.

The assault on the third victim also aged 13 happened at her home.

Brooks had been invited to stay at her house for the weekend.

During the night he sent her a text asking her to come and see him. When asked she also told him she did not want to lose her virginity to Brooks, but he had sex with her.

Judge Zohrab said the victims had all suffered a degree of psychological harm as a result of Brooks. One of the victims said Brooks needed to understand he could not prey on young girls.

A mother of one of the victims read a victim impact statement to the court, outlying the effect the offending had on her and her family. She said she no longer trusted people that came to her house and blamed herself for letting Brooks into her house.

Judge Zohrab said the mother's statement showed sexual offending of this nature could have a impact on a number of people. He said the mother was wrongly blaming herself, when Brooks was to blame.

Judge Zohrab said Brooks was aware of the girls' ages and persisted when they said they did not want sexual contact with him.

He gave Brooks a warning under the three strike legislation and warned him that if he appeared in court again on similar charges the judge would not take into account Brooks' psychological problems.

He sentenced Brooks to 23 months in jail and gave leave for him to apply for home detention.