Jealousy prompted false assault charge

19:09, Nov 05 2012

A Stoke woman has admitted she lied to police that her partner had assaulted her because she was jealous he was seeing someone else.

In the Nelson District Court yesterday Sabrina Fry, 23, pleaded guilty to making a false statement to police on July 17.

The statement led to a charge of wilful damage and male assault female.

Prosecutor Sergeant Graeme Eden said Fry later told police she made the false written statement as she was jealous that her former partner was seeing someone else.

Judge Tony Zohrab convicted Fry and ordered her to pay $350 by way of apology, with the money going to the Women's Refuge, which he said helped women who had actually been assaulted.

Judge Zohrab warned Fry that making false claims could, in the future lead police to question the reliability of statements given.