Fireworks blamed for fires

00:00, Nov 08 2012

The fireworks season has sparked a number of fires around Nelson.

Nelson firefighters were called to a Tahunanui Drive home about 5.30pm yesterday where a couple of young adults had been playing with fireworks and grass had caught fire, said Station Officer Grahame Kurth today. The fire was put out with a garden hose.

A rubbish bin was set alight behind the shops at Victory Square at 5am today. It was likely it had been deliberately lit or set off by fireworks, he said.

Stoke volunteer firefighters were called to two fires at playgrounds. The first was a shoe on fire at a Nayland Primary School playground.

"It's the first time I've been called to put out a shoe on fire," said Senior Station Officer Tane Simpson.

Somebody had piled shoes and clothing and set them on fire, he said.


They were also called to put out a fire at a playground at Aldina Ave at 6am today. Mr Simpson said: "At this time of year we find the interest with fire and fireworks go hand in hand. Children light fireworks and they run out but they've still got a box of matches or a lighter so they look for something else to burn."

Nelson firefighters also turned up to the new restaurant Hangar 58, in Collingwood St just after 6pm. Mr Kurth said the restaurant was having a "soft opening" when the smoke alarm went off.

"They had discussed with their fire protection people that they thought the alarm was placed too close to the kitchen and that turned out to be the case."

Nelson firefighters were also called to a fire at 9.40pm in Atawhai Drive where people were burning rubbish. "It's a no-no in Nelson and especially at night," said Mr Kurth.