Police crack down on Rai Valley speeders

20:28, Nov 08 2012

Speeding drivers in the Rai Valley area will be targeted by police in a new six month operation starting tomorrow.

Highway Patrol Sergeant Terry Richards said the operation was in response to the high level of disregard for the speed limit identified in that area.

He said it was not uncommon for drivers to be detected travelling in excess of 130kmh and in recent weeks two drivers had been clocked driving in excess of 140kmh on that stretch of highway.

The operation, which would involve high visibility and covert policing, would run from until the end of May 2013.

Mr Richards said police wanted people to know they were targeting the area so they got the message to slow down.

"Cleaning up after high speed crashes is not an enjoyable part of my job. We just want people to slow down, stay within the speed limits and drive to the conditions. If they don't there will be a price to pay," he said.