One-act plays see fine performances

23:00, Nov 09 2012

Nelson Repertory Theatre – One Act Play Festival Week 1: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Theatre Royal. Reviewed by Judith Ritchie.

Last night the Nelson Repertory Theatre presented three one-act plays, the first night in a series of three, with another series of different plays next weekend.

In Three Bites; You're Out the three young female leads held their own on stage and carried the story well.

Ange, played by Leah Brady, really gave her all to the part of protagonist, and was well supported by Amanda White as Jaz and Grace Harris as Ronnie.

The plot was tragically predictable, with the youthful cast coming across more authentically than the older members of the cast.

Although the sets were beautifully created by Mike Ward, it seemed a bit overkill for such a short play.


Next came The Devil You Know - a humorous take on spending eternity in hell.

There was some great acting by young Brenna Miller as the scribe and lead actor Sarah O'Connell as Grace Bleakly, combined with a pared down set using a projected image as backdrop, which worked with dramatic effect.

Finally came a wonderful play, In The Tank, acted brilliantly by Allison Cormack as Cassandra the worldly lobster who delivered some great lines, like: "The seaweed always looks greener in the other tank".

Equally fabulous in her glitzy lobster costume with balloons crafted as claws and antennae, Tracy Gibbs as Harry, conveyed the resignation of one doomed for the pot while trying to prolong life as long as possible - just as we humans often approach our time on this planet.

The night got better as it went on, but how much better it could have been with a full house.

Come on Nelson, if we can fill the seats during the arts festival, then let's support our local shows as well, and pack the house out.

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