The scammer, the PM and the IRD

If someone calls claiming to be from the IRD saying that Prime Minister John Key is giving out tax refunds and requests your credit card details it is as unbelievable as it sounds. It is merely the latest incarnation of a phone scam.

Nelson MP Nick Smith has laid a complaint with Nelson police on behalf of a constituent who was called by someone claiming to be from the IRD and requesting credit card details.

Dr Smith said the woman complained to him that the caller said Mr Key was giving a tax refund for people like herself who had no criminal record. She was requested to give her credit card number to enable the refund to be processed.

Dr Smith said the Government had no such programme and the IRD did not operate in this way.

"I am particularly concerned here where the fraudster is claiming to represent a government department.

"I was horrified that when we phoned the contact number, it was answered by a person with a foreign accent who again claimed they were from the Inland Revenue Department. The same number has been identified in other scam reports."

Dr Smith said he found it offensive that those people were targeting older Nelson residents.

"People need to be very careful of such scams and not give out credit card details over the phone."

The Nelson Mail