Jude's makeover is a real pleasure

02:54, Nov 15 2012
Jude Rawcliffe
NEW LOOK: Jude tries on her new dress with Stacey's Jacqui Kennedy.

When Richmond's Jude Rawcliffe went into Stacey to buy something with her mother a couple of months ago she got more than she bargained for.

Jude is a regular at Stacey and the last time she went shopping at the popular Richmond Mall women's fashion store she entered a competition to win a new dress and makeover.

Last month, More FM's Katrina Smith called her on air to say she had won, so on Monday she headed into the mall to see what the girls at Whiplash Salon and Stacey could do in one hour. And Jude was delighted with the results walking into the mall looking casual and emerging an hour later looking glamorous.

"I like it a lot," Jude said of her makeover. "I'm usually very practically dressed because I'm very active but this is the glamorous me - no-one will recognise me.

"It's quite amazing what can be done, even if it's only a clothes and make-up makeover."

Jude had her makeup done by Whiplash Salon's Tayla Trathen while Vicky Clements did her hair. It was the first time in her life that someone else had applied her makeup and Jude said she enjoyed being pampered.

She selected a long, brightly coloured dress by Dusud from Stacey saying it would be perfect for a wedding she was attending in Auckland next month.

"I travel around New Zealand a lot with my work and whenever I wear something from Stacey people say ‘that's gorgeous'. It's a great shop and always has lovely clothes that reflect Nelson."

More FM's Sarah Derecourt said the competition had been extremely popular receiving around 1500 entries.