Man threatened to blow up mall

00:12, Nov 20 2012

A 23-year-old man trespassed from the Richmond Mall after threatening to to blow up it up, was arrested when he returned to the mall because "he wanted a pizza".

Kaleb Mulloy was charged in the district court yesterday with one count each of behaving threateningly, wilful trespass and disorderly behavior likely to cause violence.

Police prosector Graham Eden said that Mulloy was in the Richmond Mall and became angry and agitated when an associate allegedly stole from him on the evening of November 14.

Several members of the public reported his behviour to mall staff after he began shouting, swearing and attempting to kick nearby objects.

When approached by a staff member Mulloy stated he was going to burn the mall down, before adding he would return with a shotgun and shoot the staff member.

As he left the mall he kicked the glass door and upended a shopping trolley. When located by police a short distance away, he was shouting he would blow up the mall.


After being processed at the Richmond Police Station, he was also trespassed from the mall.

Later that evening he returned to the mall, agitated and swearing. When approached by a manager he spat on the glass doors and shouted abuse. He was located by Police at Pizza Hut waiting for a pizza.

Mulloy told the police he had threatened to blow up the mall because his associate had stolen $180 worth of cannabis from him. He returned to the mall because he wanted a pizza, he said.

Defence lawyer Brett Daniell-Smith said Mulloy had been responding well to his current community work sentence.

However, Judge Tony Zohrab countered that, saying "he is responding well but still offending".

He added that Mulloy appeared to have a habit of carrying knives.

He told Mulloy he could not continue talking to people in such a manner.

Eventually he would end up talking to the wrong person, someone bigger and meaner, who may also have a habit of carrying knives, Judge Zohrab said.

He was convicted and sentenced to 100 hours community work.