Daughter asks for return of stolen photos

00:17, Nov 22 2012
Danita Rudolph
PLEASE RETURN: Danita Rudolph sits with her terminally ill mother, Ann Mant. Mrs Rudolph’s laptop and camera were stolen at the weekend and she would like them returned.

A Nelson woman wants "the mongrels" who stole her laptop containing irreplaceable photos of her terminally ill mother to return the photos to her, no questions asked.

"It's just so much history and memories that I can't replace with money," Danita Randolph said.

Mrs Randolph's Stoke home was burgled on Saturday between 1pm and 11.30am on Sunday, when she was in Picton with her husband.

Heirloom jewellery, alcohol, food, her laptop and new camera were stolen in the break-in.

The burglars found keys to a safe in her bedroom and opened it, taking items including her distinctive grandfather's fob chain and her nana's dress ring.

Some of the other items could be replaced, but she was devastated by the loss of the photos of her mother, Ann Mant, on her computer and camera.


"I don't care about anything else - just my laptop and camera."

Mrs Randolph said she hoped whoever had her Acer TravelMate laptop, which was possibly in a black satchel, and her Canon camera would have the heart to return them to her.

Her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had surgery in March.

The laptop contained precious family videos and photos of her mother before she was diagnosed with the disease and treasured photos of trips they had taken together and their journey together since March.

Her camera's memory card contained many photos of the past month.

She had just taken her mother on a trip to the South Island and took a photo with her mother at her mother's grave in Christchurch. "I'm never going to get that again."

Those photos were on the camera and she had not had a chance to download those and others taken during the last month.

Those photos included her brother's recent wedding and a big family gathering in the past two weeks.

"We had a farewell birthday for her [mother] and my brother got married that day. All the family from Australia and America came together. We had parties with all the family home in the last fortnight. Everybody has gone all out because mum is not well. I need to get them [the photos] back."

There were also photos of a trip to Australia with her mother.

"They are everything. My mum is so terminally ill, we don't know how long we've got left."

She was the photographer in the family and without her photos on the laptop, she did not have that many left of her mother. "If they could just take the chip out of the camera and return it to me."

Mrs Randolph said she was collecting photos for her mother's funeral and was going to sort them out this week.

"That's the most upsetting thing about the whole thing."

She hoped someone would return her laptop and camera, or download the photos on to a card or USB stick and let her have them back.

Please return

Anyone who has the camera or laptop or knows where they are can return them through the Nelson Mail by either dropping the items at the Nelson Mail’s front counter or leaving the items in a place and phoning or texting Mrs Randolph on 027 923 5930 to let her know where they are.

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