Sudden outbreak of violence in city

22:40, Nov 27 2012

A crowd gathered watching a man and woman fight each other, exchanging violent kicks and punches in the street on Friday afternoon.

However, the fight on Trafalgar St was a staged show organised by Nelson Fight Club, which had previously told police to avoid any charges of breaking the law by fighting in a public place.

Nelson fighters Lou Fuller and Billy Roeske-Jones put on a display to music, Eye of the Tiger, which showed their strength, fitness and talent, while card girls paraded around them.

Nelson Fight Club owner and trainer Isaac Takarangi said the performance was to raise interest among the public prior about tomorrow's kickboxing fight at the Trafalgar Centre.

Police had been contacted and their approval was gained before the fight, he said.

The two fighters on the street were not featuring in Saturday's fight. Rather tomorrow's fight, called Another Night of Wrecking, where three New Zealand and four South Island titles go on the line, would feature fighters from Australia and the United States using boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Muay Thai.