Practising what she preaches

19:08, Nov 26 2012
caron proctor
HOUSE OF LOVE: Caron Proctor, left, and Anna Llewellyn will be opening the doors at Fairfield House on Tuesday for the 'Love your Life' Women's Refuge fundraiser.

Life at the coalface of social deprivation in Sheffield, England and an appreciation for what Nelson offers is behind Caron Proctor’s plan to support the women’s refuge.

The Nelson life coach is staging what will be the first in a series of planned fundraisers for the organisation, as a showcase of the city’s products and services and to help raise money for Nelson Women’s Refuge.

The 50 available seats for the inaugural ‘‘Love Your Life’’ fundraiser at Fairfield House this evening have already sold out, but Ms Proctor said there will be standing room and ‘‘the more the merrier’’.

Ticket holders will be able to sample a variety of Nelson treats while enjoying a glass of wine and listening to fashion tips from stylist Rose Baxter of Annah S of Nelson’s boutique fashion store and advice from Ms Proctor on how to get the most out of life.

She chose Women’s Refuge as a beneficiary of her efforts because of her personal experiences with disadvantaged people in her own upbringing and in her field of work where she encourages people to step outside their comfort zone.

‘‘I decided to practise what I preach, and push myself outside my own comfort zone.


‘‘I don’t like being the centre of attention, so I decided this is what I would do. I need a bigger cause than just me.’’

Ms Proctor was raised in the heavily industrial city of Sheffield in south Yorkshire. She lived in a home with the ‘‘hundreds’’ of foster children her mother cared for.

‘‘I grew up seeing a very different side of life. It’s a reason I went into life coaching.’’

Ms Proctor lived in New Zealand in the 1980s and always wanted to return, which she did four years ago and took up a role at Nelson’s youth centre, The Hub.

‘‘I came across a lot of kids who weren’t in a good space.

‘‘We are lucky to live here but there’s another side to Nelson – a side of domestic violence we don’t always notice but which is just on our doorstep.’’

Ms Proctor said the fundraising project was one way she could fight for them, and she planned to stage two or three similar events each year. She is already planning another for April next year, and also had plans to run retreats based on a similar idea.