Stoke men convicted for breaking into yard

Two young men have been convicted after they admitted breaking into a closed yard in Richmond.

Dean Allan Woolley, 18, and Malcolm Miller, 19, who both live in Stoke, were charged with unlawfully being found without reasonable excuse in an enclosed yard.

Police prosecutor Wayne Johnston said the men were seen breaking a fence at a Beach Rd property on November 19.

When police found them hiding beneath a truck they said they had gone into the yard to check out a Subaru car.

Judge Tony Zohrab noted that Miller was a care recipient, "like your partner in crime" Woolley.

Judge Zohrab said in sentencing Woolley that he would normally look at community work, but gave him a suspended sentence, ordering him to come up for sentence if called again in the next 12 months.

He gave the same sentence to Miller.

The Nelson Mail