Hone barred from valley camping

Itinerant Lewis Stanton has been issued a trespass notice banning him from camping at Marsden Valley, after he was caught burying his waste at his campground.

The council will also issue Mr Stanton an injunction if he goes back to the Tahunanui beach area and continues to offer rides to the public for a koha in his cart.

Nelson City Council network services executive manager Alec Louverdis said Mr Stanton, who also goes by the name Hone Ma Heke, was issued the trespass notice on Monday after he returned to Marsden Valley on Sunday night.

Mr Stanton, who gets around in a cart pulled by his horse Barney had previously been allowed to camp at Marsden Valley until the council considered a report looking at the possibility of issuing him a special permit to camp at four reserves in Nelson.

One of the stipulations for allowing him to camp at Marsden Valley was that he use the toilet facilities at the cemetery, 700 metres from where he was camping.

"One of the reasons we had to ask him to leave was he was burying his waste. We asked him not to do that and he advised us he was still going to continue to do that."

Mr Louverdis said the council received several complaints from residents in Marsden Valley.

Residents were also unhappy that other people were staying with Mr Stanton in tents on the site.

Mr Louverdis said the council had been pretty tolerant and offered Mr Stanton the chance to stay at the Brook and Maitai campgrounds at a reduced rate of $6 a night.

Mr Stanton did not want to take the council up on that offer.

Mr Louverdis said if Mr Stanton went back to Marsden Valley he could be arrested.

The council had received complaints from concession holders at Tahunanui Reserve about Mr Stanton taking people for rides at Tahunanui.

Mr Louverdis said he had written to Mr Stanton telling him he needed a licence under the Trading and Public Places bylaw to take rides and also needed to apply for a concession under the reserve management plan.

Mr Stanton had told him he did not intend to apply for the necessary paperwork.

If he went back to Tahunanui the council would look at issuing an injunction.

"The ball's in his court, as it has been for a very long time."

The Nelson Mail