Trespass threat for Stanton

Pioneers Park is Nelson vagrant Lewis Stanton's current choice of campsite, but his options might be shrinking, with the Nelson City Council considering issuing a trespass order every time he touches down on council land.

Washington Rd resident Shireen Brookman this morning called the council, and said Mr Stanton, also known as Hone Ma Heke, should be removed.

She said Mr Stanton was in the park with two others this morning, with a tent that had been pitched overnight, and his horse grazing nearby.

"It's just a bloody joke. It's a beautiful park, but the toilets are locked at night, so what's he using?" Mrs Brookman said.

Mr Stanton, who gets around in a cart pulled by his horse Barney, had previously been allowed to camp in Marsden Valley until the council considered a report looking at the possibility of issuing him with a special permit to camp at four reserves in Nelson.

He was this week issued with a trespass notice banning him from camping in Marsden Valley, after he was caught burying his waste at his campsite.

The council said yesterday it would also issue him with an injunction if he returned to the Tahunanui Beach area and continued to offer the public rides in his cart for a koha.

Council network services executive manager Alec Louverdis said Mr Stanton was given the trespass notice on Monday after he returned to Marsden Valley on Sunday night.

A stipulation for allowing him to camp in the valley was that he use the toilet facilities at the cemetery, 700 metres from where he was camping.

Mr Louverdis said today that trespassing Mr Stanton from individual reserves could be the end result.

Mrs Brookman said she saw Ms Stanton's new campsite while out walking this morning, and was reluctant to walk through the park.

"I hate to say it, but perhaps it's time the horse was taken away and sold, and he was given the boot. He's got other people sitting on camp chairs with him. No one else would get away with it."

She and several neighbours were strongly opposed to a suggestion that Pioneers Park could be included in a list of possible areas where Mr Stanton could camp under a special permit.

The Nelson Mail