Dad and daughter perform together

A 22-year-old flautist who has followed in her father's footsteps will perform in Nelson for the first time since gaining her music degree.

Joel Bolton and his daughter will perform a flute concerto alongside the Greenhill Ensemble at the Nelson School of Music this Sunday.

Mr Bolton set up the Greenhill Ensemble, a community orchestra of about 30 players, about 20 years ago and has been conducting it since.

His daughter, Anna Newth, has just completed a degree in classical flute at Victoria University.

Mr Bolton also completed a degree in classical flute when he was her age, and their performance will be his daughter's first back in Nelson.

Ms Newth started playing flute when she was 12, and reached grade 8 flute and piano by year 12.

Mr Bolton said she had always had a good feel for music and rhythm. Their concert this Sunday would be a novelty, as they had done very little performing together.

"It's just a great pleasure to be able to play with your offspring. Music is such a wonderful thing. It's nice to feel that you have passed on the gift to the next generation," he said.

"There will be plenty of people that remember Anna as a youngster and will be quite interested to know how she is getting on."

Ms Newth said she and her father argued a bit when they played together, "but apart from that it can be quite fun".

She said her music degree was challenging, with seven hours' practice a day by the third year.

She spent last year - her fourth year - finishing off some other papers for her degree and took a break from music.

"If you're playing that much, you just want a break. I'm definitely getting back into it, and discovering I still enjoy it."

The pair will play Cimarosa's Concerto for 2 Flutes in G major, which Mr Bolton said was one of the more attractive pieces for two flutes and orchestra.

"Cimarosa was a contemporary of Mozart and it certainly has quite a Mozartian feel to it. It has beautiful melodies in it," he said.

❏ Joel Bolton, Anna Newth and the Greenhill Ensemble, Nelson School of Music, Sunday, 3pm. Tickets $10 adults, $5 students.

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