Mystery of missing rider solved

02:50, Nov 30 2012
ABANDONED: Constable Nyanne Graf-Pollard photographs a motorcycle the was found down a bank on the Whangamoa Saddle.

The owner of a Kawasaki road bike found down a bank at the summit of the Whangamoa hill this morning has turned up at the Nelson Police Station.

Inspector Ian McKenzie of Nelson said efforts were underway this morning to track down the rider, who had either walked up the bank and away from the scene, or the bike had been dumped.

The green and grey Kawasaki KLE, about 450cc, was noticed by a truck driver who pulled over into the layby at the top of the hill to let traffic past. Mr McKenzie said the truck driver noticed skid marks on the road and looked down the bank from the cab of his truck where he noticed the bike some metres down in the bush.

Police, fire and ambulance attended the scene where they expected to find the rider of the bike, but found no one in the area. The bike was winched up the bank by the fire service and has now been towed away.

Mr McKenzie said it appeared the bike had been there no longer than overnight. Initial checks showed it had been in Wellington up to at least 5.20pm yesterday, according to city parking records.

Nyanne Graf-Pollard of highway patrol, who was photographing the bike, said police had contacted Nelson Hospital but it did not appear anyone had shown up in relation to the accident. Police had also contacted a Nelson work address in the hope of tracking the bike's owner, but with no success.

''It's really frustrating when people have accidents and don't let us know. All these resources are utilised, but even if people don't want to report something they should at least indicate no one is hurt so we can put a tape around it and know we don't have to go hunting,'' Ms Graf-Pollard said.