Guilty plea for hitting ex's man

A Nelson man who dobbed in his underage ex-girlfriend at a club has ended up with an assault charge for hitting her new boyfriend after she threatened to damage his car.

In the Nelson District Court, Kieran Stuart Allan Puklowski, 19, pleaded guilty to an assault charge after he punched his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Puklowski's lawyer Kelly Hennessy said his client and the ex-partner had been broken up for about two months when he saw her in a night club in Nelson on November 24.

Puklowski had harboured anger and disappointment about the end of the relationship and when he saw his ex, aged 17, in the club he alerted security about her being underage, Mr Hennessy said.

He did this out of spite and, as she was leaving, she told him to watch out for his car.

Puklowski left the bar a short while later and the girl yelled the warning again.

Puklowski responded by saying "touch my car and I'll bash your boyfriend".

Police prosecutor Wayne Johnston said the altercation led to Puklowski punching the new boyfriend in the back of the head.

Mr Hennessy said the forestry worker was now moving on with his life.

In sentencing, Judge Tony Zohrab said fining Puklowski previously had obviously not stopped him from offending.

He cancelled outstanding fines and replaced them with 90 hours of community work. He added 40 hours of community work for the recent assault, giving Puklowski a total of 130 hours.

The Nelson Mail