Movember heroes relieved to sight top lips

00:30, Dec 01 2012
CLEAN BREAK: Greg Goessi has his Movember moustache shaved off by barber Shawn Stormann of Stormy’s Man Cave.

Getting rid of the "porno style" moustache on his top lip felt good, if not a little bit weird, says a Nelson policeman.

Senior Constable Greg Goessi was one of many men who grew a moustache for Movember to raise awareness for men's health.

Signing up at Stormy's Man Cave, in the 80s porn style category, with more than 30 others, Mr Goessi spent the month cultivating his top lip hair.

He'd chosen that style because "in my job you can't go too over the top".

"Some of my work mates think it's a bit of a funny thing. The word ‘dirty' is the one I've been hearing."

Nelson barber and store owner Shawn Stormann said they had received a good response from men joining in.

He had to persuade a few not to shave partway through, though, because "they found a bit of ginger coming through".

Those men who had successfully kept their moustache were able go in and have it shaved off for free yesterday.

Nurse Carter Stormann was in the barbershop giving out brochures to encourage the men to think about their health. "It's about paying attention to your health and asking if something changes," he said. "There's no reason for men to die younger than women."


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