Teen drinkers warned

00:28, Dec 01 2012

Police are warning underage drinkers that using a fake ID to buy alcohol or get into clubs is illegal and could land them in serious trouble.

Police are aware that Nelson teens are creating and attempting to use fake ID.

Nelson alcohol harm reduction officer Sergeant Mike Fitzsimons said police had been running a "retained ID" scheme in Nelson Bays for some time.

Under the scheme, door staff or licensees who identify an underage person, or a problem with the ID offered, will retain the ID and report the matter to police.

"Door staff are very good at spotting false and altered IDs," he said.

He said teens used various means, including Twink and Photoshop to change IDs. But he was unaware of any using tattoo ink to change an ID, as had reportedly happened in Whangarei.

With summer coming up it was timely to remind teenagers they could face serious repercussions if they were caught using fake ID.

Mr Fitzsimons said it was fraud and under the Crimes Act altering or reproducing documents or using the altered documents with were offences punishable by up to 10 years' imprisonment.

"Young people need to be aware that a fraud conviction could have serious impacts on their future employment and overseas travel opportunities."


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