Thousandth loyalty card has WOW factor

00:30, Dec 01 2012

Jill Andrews' "WOWCARd" is a little bit special.

She is the 1000th person to join the passholders' club for the World of WearableArts and Classic Cars Museum.

Mrs Andrews moved to Nelson with her husband two years ago and in that time said she had visited the museum about seven times.

"I thought it was about time [I got a pass]. If I'm going to become a Nelson resident I better do things a Nelson person does."

She said she thought the museum was an amazing place.

"I always bring friends here. It's original, it has a great feel."


Her husband Ian is also a regular WOW visitor, coming in for coffee every time he is in the area.

"It's the best coffee in Nelson."

He also liked the exhibitions, in particular the classic cars.

WOWCARd co-ordinator Julie Pettitt said it was exciting to reach the 1000-person mark.

The museum had been open since 2002 and it had taken a little while to get to this point.

"The idea is that people can come through anytime they like. It becomes like a little fan club, something people can belong to, they're really proud of it and when visitors come they always bring them along."

Mrs Andrews was presented with a bunch of flowers to celebrate the milestone. She said she was "delighted to be the 1000th person, even without all the fuss".

The WOWCARd cost $50 in the first year and becomes discounted every year the passholder renews it.

The fifth card, which is $15, becomes a lifetime membership.

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