Police abandon high-speed pursuit

Joyriders in a stolen car sped from police at more than 150kmh on Whakatu Drive on Sunday.

Nelson police say a Nissan van belonging to a commercial cleaning company was stolen from a William St address in Richmond on Saturday evening.

The van was signwritten with the company’s "Echo Clean" logo.

It was driven around by the offenders for several hours and was seen in the Buxton Square car park in Nelson during the evening.

At about 2.30am on Sunday the offenders dumped the van on Waimea Rd after being observed by police.

As short time later they stole a Nissan Primera vehicle from a Waimea Rd address.

Police say the car fled from police at speeds of more than 150kmh along Whakatu Drive before police abandoned the pursuit.

The vehicle was later located in Nayland Rd, Stoke.

Police are seeking to identify the offenders.

"The manner of driving and total disregard for the safety of themselves and other road users is a huge concern. These offenders need to be caught and held to account for their poor decisions," said Sergeant David Lauer of the Tasman District Traffic Alcohol Group.

"These offenders are likely to brag about their actions in the coming days and I would like to hear from anybody who has information about these stolen vehicles and the people in them.

"It is also timely to remind people to ensure their vehicles are kept locked, valuables are hidden away and keys are not left in the vehicles,’’ he said.

"It’s much better to try and prevent these kinds of offences happening by taking a few basic steps rather than giving criminals easy opportunities," he said.

Both vehicles have been returned to their owners.

Anyone with information about these people can contact Nelson police, ph 546 3840.

Anonymous information can be given by calling Crimestoppers, ph 0800 555 111.