Rock shatters bus window

00:00, Dec 05 2012

Nelson bus passengers got a shock when a rock smashed one of the windows of the vehicle they were riding in.

The rock was thrown at an NBus about 3pm yesterday, as the vehicle travelled under the Annesbrook overpass. The rock shattered the 1.5 metre by 1.5m window.

Suburban Bus Lines sales and marketing manager Tom Heaphy said there were passengers on board, but no-one got hurt.

"I'm sure it gave them a fright, but no glass actually came into the bus. It was a shock more than a safety issue," he said.

"The driver was fine. They called the cops straight away, who are chasing it up."

Jon Taikato, of Richmond Glass, was removing the broken window this morning.


He was then replacing it with a temporary cover.

Mr Taikato said Suburban Bus Lines would have to make do with the polycarbonate sheet, which was like heavy duty plastic, until a replacement window arrived from overseas.

Mr Heaphy said the broken window was "a bit of a pain - they're not cheap", and a cost Suburban Bus Lines would have to cover.

It is not the first time a Suburban Bus Lines vehicle had been targeted with projectiles.

In July, a steel-tipped toy arrow was shot at one.

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