Owners hope to catch burglars

The owners of two Nelson businesses broken into on Saturday morning are hoping information from members of the public can help track down the burglars.

The Party Shop and Just Costumes, between Hardy St and Montgomery Square, were broken into about 7am, with a small amount of cash taken from each.

The Party Shop owner Sharon Page-Moreton said she hoped the timing of the break-in meant people may have seen the burglars, and asked for people to contact her if they had any information.

After arriving at work about 8am, she noticed the break-in when she went into Just Costumes and saw the till on the floor.

She initially thought it had fallen down after the morning's small earthquake.

It looked like the burglars had used a vegetable crate to stand on, and then entered through Just Costumes' small return chute, she said.

"The average person can't fit. You have got to lift your own body or fall in."

Only the business' float was taken, she said.

"That's bad enough because a dollar's hard enough to earn."

The police had attended the scene, but there were no fingerprints, she said.

Just Costumes owner Tina Bishop said she had her window smashed two weeks ago, and she was fed up with such incidents.

"We're all working really hard at the moment to try and keep our head above water and then people come along and make it much harder."

The burglars had made off with about $500 from her till, she said.

A police spokeswoman said they had no leads yet.

The Nelson Mail