Websites used to fund film

A trio of Nelson-raised film-makers have taken to crowdfunding website Pledge Me and Trade Me to raise money for their feature-length film.

Mike Kumagai, 25, has made numerous short films in the Nelson region and is now producing his debut feature-length film alongside co-producer Shannyn Hunter and composer Ryan Hazlitt-Black.

All three grew up in Nelson, and are now living in Auckland.

Division is being produced on a $10,000 budget by Kumagai and Hunter's Auckland-based production company, Ruth and Jimby Productions, and fundraising avenues include Pledge Me and private sponsorship.

There is also a Trade Me auction inviting people to buy the chance to name the lead character.

Division is a drama about a woman - Mary - and her master, an "intellectually and physically differently abled person. It is set in a dystopian society".

The film is scheduled to be shot in Auckland in mid-February, with some scenes filmed in the Nelson region.

Money from the Trade Me auction and Pledge Me site will go towards securing locations, costumes, sets and paying the actors.

Kumagai said: "What's special about independent film-makers is their freedom to express themselves creatively without the usual boundaries, although finding funding is extremely difficult and needs the support of the community."

The Nelson Mail