Little Things matter to make it to No 1

A small cartoon book about the pleasures and perils of parenting is No 1 in Nelson.

The Little Things, a cartoon that began in the Nelson Mail two years ago and has since spread to eight newspapers around New Zealand and Australia, is penned by The Leader reporter Matt Lawrey and illustrator Peter Lole.

At Page & Blackmore Booksellers in Nelson, it has outsold the latest Jack Reacher novel, The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey, becoming the No 1 selling book for 2012.

Published by Nelson's Craig Potton Publishing, the book of cartoons on family life has sold more than twice as many copies as the store's second bestseller, The Beauty of Nelson. More than 3000 have been sold nationwide since in August.

With two weeks until the end of the year, Page & Blackmore Booksellers co-owner Peter Rigg said that even with Christmas sales to come, The Little Things had "an unassailable lead". He was not surprised by the book's success.

"A lot of people tell us the cartoon is the first thing they look at in the paper each day and it's a fun little book. Lots of people are buying them to send to family and friends overseas."

The price of $14.99 also helped, he said.

Lawrey said he was "chuffed" at the title's success.

"I'm particularly thrilled because it only came out four months ago. I also love that it's the result of a bunch of Nelson people working together and then more Nelsonians getting behind them."

The Nelson Mail