Speeeding drivers targeted

20:41, Dec 18 2012

Police are actively finding people who clock up 100 demerit points on their driver's licence and serving them with a notice suspending them from driving.

Tasman road policing team leader Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews said there were about 70 people in the Nelson area who had exceeded 100 demerit points.

Drivers who clock up 100 or more demerit points within two years, are suspended from driving for three months.

In the past police only caught them if they stopped them at a road block or for some other driving offence. They were then served with a suspension notice.

Mr Andrews said this had changed and police were getting the names of those who had gone over the 100 demerit points and serving suspension notices on them.

He said the majority of people who had more than 100 demerit points, had collected them for speeding.

He estimated that 50 of the 70 drivers would have been taken off the road.

The action fitted with the police's on prevention first policing, he said.
''We are making the road safer for people over the summer period by going and finding them.''

Drivers who breached their suspension notice risked getting their vehicle impounded for 28 days.

''Before we might not have got any of those drivers, but now at least 50 of those people are off the road for summer.''