Bar talk finally finds its perfect Rhythm

00:00, Dec 19 2012

Scott Bradley and Resina Brabant have talked about opening a bar for so long they considered calling it "Bar One Day".

"Because we always said: ‘When we own a bar one day,' " Mr Bradley quipped.

The couple have finally realised their cherished goal, opening Rhythm and Brown in the premises of the former Sachi sushi bar in Nelson's New St on Saturday.

They took possession of the keys to the premises at the start of December and have spent a crazy few weeks running on little sleep preparing the bar for opening.

Mr Bradley said he wanted to open an adult-friendly bar where people would also feel comfortable popping in for a drink, coffee or dessert after the movies or a dinner out.

He also has plans to make use of the bar's sunny location by placing some tables outside.


Food and drink would be sourced from the top of the South Island as much as possible, he said.

"Everything I could find, apart from Irish whiskey," Mr Bradley said.

"I couldn't find any tomato juice made in Nelson, which I thought was weird."

The couple have not made many changes to the bar's interior, but have added a few personal touches - including raising the sushi bar.

He had wanted to open a bar since his former workplace, the colourful Irish bar the Maen Fiddler on Bridge St, closed six years ago.

Over that time he has worked at a number of places including for the Tasman Brewing Company, helping set up the Sprig and Fern's Milton St bar.

He has been named best barman at the Nelson Hospitality Awards three times.

Mr Bradley said he wanted to give a big "shout out" to all friends, family and former employers who had helped him get ready for opening. Their support and help had been amazing.

" It's been kind of weird. I don't feel like I've done a lot myself other than say: ‘Yes, if you would like to do that, that would be nice.' It's been awesome."

Former Sachi owners Angela and Tosh Kondo had even given him the keys before the handover so he could get the bar in time for his birthday.

Ms Brabant would keep working fulltime as an advertising sales rep at Nelson Mail, and work part-time at the bar.

She said they had looked at a number of places and had even got as far as going to the bank to work out finance on other places, but everything fell into place for this bar.

"It just feels right. Even buying it off Ange and Tosh, they've put so much love into the place and you can just feel it." To top off a hectic few months the couple are getting married at Founders Heritage Park on January 9. The bar will be closed over that period.

Mr Bradley said the inspiration for the bar's name came when he was thinking about what he wanted in a bar.

"What do I need to be happy at work each day? I need the brown stuff, beer, whiskey, rum, coffee and chocolate and it needs music."

Rhythm and Brown is open Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm to late.