Nelsonians dig deep for cyclone victims

00:00, Dec 24 2012

A fundraiser for the victims of Cyclone Evan has seen members of Nelson's Pacific community come together to celebrate their culture.

Nelson city's 1903 Square was filled with dancers, singers, and performers on Saturday.

The performances were part of the Pacific Disaster Response Fundraiser to support those in Samoa and Fiji coping with the aftermath of Cyclone Evan.

Organiser Ireen Manuel said the event raised $1426 for the cause, with more collection buckets still to be counted.

The event was a way of raising awareness that people were suffering, she said.

"It's this time of the year where it's all about merry-making, but there are parts of the world that are suffering, and if we can give, we should."


There were still thousands of people in evacuation centres, and with schools due to reopen in four weeks, families were struggling to find food, let alone stationery, she said.

Congregational Christian Church of Samoa Nelson Reverend Faleulu Malaulau said it was great to be able to link up with another organisation to channel donations to a good cause.

Nelsonians were a giving and compassionate people, he said.

"Every time something happens, I have people asking if they can donate. We know that the Nelson people will be out in force, and we know they will give as usual."

The day was also an opportunity to come out and enjoy each other's company, he said.

Further donations can be made on the Red Cross website:

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