Kids show their Gangnam Style

00:00, Dec 24 2012
Nelson market
BUSY: An aerial view of people who jammed into the Nelson market on Saturday.

With the original video making history by reaching one billion views on YouTube, and parodied by everyone including our prime minister, the Gangnam Style phenomenon hit Nelson at the weekend.

Students from music and performing arts school SoundStage drew crowds with their Gangnam Style dance at the Nelson Market and outside Farmers on Trafalgar St.

The students took a flashmob approach, with many milling around the area pretending not to know each other before strutting their stuff as a portable beatbox began the distinctive tune.

SoundStage director Jane Winter said the dance was a fun way to end the year.

"We did it last year, and one of the comments that I got was a woman saying it was the highlight of her Christmas. She had been really stressed out shopping, focused on getting the food and presents and this random thing happened. I thought it would just be fun do again."

Gangnam Style was chosen because it was topical, current, and silly.


Brother and sister Tobias and Zoe Anderson both joined in.

Tobias, 12, said he found the dance "really cool, really exciting".

Zoe, 9, said it had been fun doing all of the dance moves, but the acting before the dance was just as much fun.

Yitzin Ruiz, 13, said he had been at the school for two years, and had enjoyed every minute of it.

"It has everything for you if you want to become better at music or an instrument."

But the Gangnam Style dance was not the only thing to attract crowds on Saturday, with hundreds of people out at the market seeking a last-minute bargain on locally produced products.

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