Boxing Day spending soars

Boxing Day spending in Nelson was up 13 per cent on last year.

The crowds of bargain hunters spent $2.5 million in one day, which is an extra $300,000. Nelson's 13.4 per cent rise is the same as the national increase.

Shoppers around the country put more than two million transactions and $120m through retailers' tills on their Boxing Day splurge.

Paymark sales and marketing head Paul Whiston said the result was a return to the kind of spending growth figures seen before the global financial crisis and was the first time in five years it had seen double-digit growth on Boxing Day.

Consumer electronics such as phones and computers were especially popular with shoppers on Wednesday, with sales up almost 32 per cent on last year.

Spending in clothing and apparel was up nearly 21 per cent on last year, while jewellery spending shot up more than 24 per cent. Department store spending rose more than 22 per cent year-on-year.

The Nelson Mail