2000 children enjoy the gaiety at teddies' picnic

01:37, Jan 14 2013
Teddy Bears
TEDDY TIME: Kyky Longley and Bridget McClelland enjoy Sunday's Teddy Bears' Picnic with their children Indigo, 5, Lisa, 5, and Kayen, 4.5.

Anyone out in the woods in Isel Park yesterday was sure of a big surprise, with an annual gathering for teddy bears proving popular.

The annual Nelson Mail Teddy Bears' Picnic saw 2000 children from all over the district bring their teddies for an afternoon of fun, offering a variety of activities - including some which were decidedly non-traditional.

There was a teddy school, a teddy disco, pony and cart rides, as well as games and activities like makeovers.

This year the day also included a Teddy's Got Talent performance competition, with special judge Bear Griller.

Event organiser Michaela Blackman said about 40 children entered the competition, with acts ranging from teddy bear acrobatics to the winning entry, joke-telling rodents disguised as teddy bears.

The teddy school was also popular, with a mamma and papa bear teaching the children their maths and reading, she said.


St John staff were also on hand to bandage any teddies injured during the other events.

The children could be as involved in the activities as they wanted, she said.

"They just love it, they just come and sit with their teddies.

"It was just a really great day."

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