Flatmate's break-in 'revenge' for theft accusation

A Nelson woman whose flatmate accused her of stealing his iPhone took revenge by breaking into the flat twice after she moved out.

Casey Jane Gibbs admitted two charges of burglary in the Nelson District Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer said Gibbs was flatting with the victim in Tahunanui in October when his iPhone went missing and he accused Gibbs of taking it.

Gibbs moved out later that month. She returned to the flat when she knew the victim would be at work and took a number of items.

The victim changed the locks to the house, but Gibbs broke into the house unlocking the house through the cat door.

She took further items belonging to the victim.

When she was spoken to by police she admitted she had taken the items as she was angry she was accused of stealing his iPhone.

Judge Tony Zohrab said Gibbs had breached the victim's trust and had thought she would teach him a lesson after she was falsely accused of taking his phone.

He sentenced Gibbs to 250 hours of community work and ordered her to pay $1200 in reparation.