Tears and talent at TV try-outs

18:15, Jan 16 2013
HIGH HOPES: Megan Younger, left, Danaan Hunter-Brown, and Maggie Worthington getting ready to head into the big audition.

For singer Maggie Worthington, hearing her efforts rewarded with a "maybe" was a thrilling result.

The 16-year-old Christchurch singer, on holiday at Tata Beach, joined scores of Nelsonians who queued up in rainy conditions outside the Nelson School of Music on Tuesday, in the hope of finding fame and fortune in the talent competition.

The singers performed pre-auditions for the show's executive producers, who either rejected them outright, or told them to wait and see.

READY TO ROCK: X factor contender Chase Tangohau 17 from Nelson waits for his chance to perform.

She now has a nervous few weeks ahead of her as she waits to see if a "maybe" from the X-Factor executive producers will translate into an invitation to perform in front of the judges at the next stage of the talent competition late next month.

Speaking after her pre-audition, which included a rendition of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" and Coldplay's Viva La Vida, Ms Worthington said she was excited with the judges' "maybe".

"They said I was a natural performer. They were really nice, I was expecting them to be really intimidating.


"It's a maybe, but that's the best it gets."

Once auditions opened at 10am, the hopefuls were able to find shelter inside, using one of the school's larger performance rooms to practise their songs in front of each other.

Mediaworks staff were on hand to usher the performers into a waiting room, before they took their turn performing for the producers.

In the time the Nelson Mail was at the auditions, a number of singers, presumably unlucky this time, left in tears.

Metal guitarist and singer Chase Tangohau, 17, of Nelson, was hoping his emphasis on rock music would help him stand out from the pop-singers he was up against.

He plays in local metal bands ‘Musgrave' and ‘Nearly Headless Knikk', but said he planned to sing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, and "some mainstream crowd-pleaser like Justin Bieber", but to put his own vocal spin on them.

"I guess I feel like a bit of an outsider, but I always feel like that."

He entered because he wanted to take hold of any opportunity, he said.

Mediaworks spokeswoman Rose Swale said the fact that people were lining up in the rain from 8am showed Nelsonians' commitment.

"Just purely the dedication that they have shown to get here and stand outside and get drenched just to have their opportunity."

From talking to the producers, she understood the calibre of the singers coming through had been really high.

"The Mainland is really strong and we hope to see the North Island follow suit."