Sex charges climb to 137

00:18, Jan 23 2013

New charges have been laid against a Marlborough man accused of sexually abusing teenage girls over 27 years, bringing the charges against him to 137.

Blenheim police this week laid 78 new charges against the 64-year-old, whose name is suppressed, but the exact nature of the new charges cannot be confirmed until he appears in court on Monday.

The man's lawyer, Rob Harrison, previously said the man would defend himself against the charges already laid, but said yesterday he had only just become aware of the new charges.

Police confirmed the new charges would be added to the 59 already laid against the man since his arrest on August 31.

Those charges included three of rape, one of attempted rape , and charges of unlawful sexual connection, grooming, making an intimate visual recording and possession and supply of drugs including LSD and cannabis.

One charge related to an incident in 1985; the others ranged from 1993 to 2012.


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