Full Moon backdrop for solitary seagull

02:25, Jan 28 2013
LUNAR LANDING: A lone seagull looks as if it is about to land on the moon in Chris Hogan's perfectly captured picture.

Nelson man Chris Hogan did not used to have the energy to get up early.

This morning he did, capturing the Moon as it went down, zooming in on a seagull flying across as if it was about to land on the Moon.

Mr Hogan has a new appreciation on life after undergoing heart surgery with four stents inserted. He credits cardiologist Sam Wilson for saving his life, saying: "He changed my life."

Mr Hogan takes photos for the Port Nelson and Greymouth street races but also loves nature photography, and with his new lease on life he is setting up a website. Last night he took photos of the sunset from the Cliffs where he is house sitting and this morning he was up at dawn.

"I thought this is something I should be sharing with people," he said.