Bunce does well but Till takes cake

00:00, Jan 29 2013
Frank Bunce i
IN CRUISE MODE: New Zealand celebrity chef Richard Till and former All Black Frank Bunce in a 1965 Chrysler convertible outside the Wakefield Bakery, where they stopped for a pie and a custard square during a break in filming for a gourmet safari series.

Wakefield Bakery owner Trish Sullivan will rue the day she failed to recognise New Zealand celebrity chef Richard Till when he pulled into the outlet for a pie and custard square.

Yesterday she had no trouble recognising former All Black Frank Bunce, who was the recipient of a free apple pie once the flutter of excitement had died down, but she threw up her hands in horror when the Nelson Mail explained that while Bunce had been given a warm pie, Till received a cold shoulder.

"Of my God! I didn't know it was him. I hope he doesn't say anything bad about the food. What an honour to have him here," Ms Sullivan said.

The pie passed the Richard Till taste test.

"I ate it," Till said when asked his opinion. "It's a lovely filling, but the pastry needs work," he added, before devouring a large custard square.

"I haven't had one of these for years. I saw it and it just called to me, but look at the size of it - it could feed a family of four."


The pair are in the region filming a segment for a gourmet safari series aimed at overseas markets to promote Alliance Meats.

The series is being produced by Southland-based regional television station Cue TV, and will take in regions throughout the South Island.

Till said he was doing the "food stuff", but he wasn't entirely sure what Bunce was doing.

"We just picked him up in Nelson."

As it turns out, Bunce will be doing the "adventure stuff" for the series, which had them rolling into St Arnaud last evening in a 1965 Chrysler convertible. They were to film a segment using Blue Glen farm and farmstay as a backdrop.

Series producer Sheree Carey said the series was aimed at Alliance's top export markets, and the company had selected the farms it wanted to be featured.

"We're filming it as if they are on an adventure together. We'll start each episode with Richard collecting the meat, while Frank goes and gets the ingredients."

Bunce hinted at the level of adventure involved when he said the one thing he was not looking forward to was bungy jumping. He was, however, looking forward to the dining part of the job.

The entourage would be heading off to Marlborough, through Kaikoura and Canterbury for more filming before a short break.

Filming would resume in March and would take in Queenstown, Fiordland and the Catlins.