Cost among concerns for critics of revamp plan

00:12, Jan 29 2013

While some sports clubs and property developers are in favour of Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio's plan for a revamped Trafalgar Park, online reaction from Nelsonians has been mainly negative.

In an informal poll on the Nelson Mail website, there was mixed response to the question: "Does Trafalgar Park need an upgrade?"

Of 213 votes cast, 41 per cent say the park does need an upgrade, and 50.7 per cent say it does not.

Meanwhile, comments on an online story on the scheme published yesterday afternoon, and its associated Facebook post, were mostly against the proposal.

Posting in the story, GreatScot3, an "event organiser" who had seen similar measures at other small stadiums, commented: "This is not a grandstand, but a building with a few seats on the outside." There needed to be at least 5000 covered seats and no clubs should be part of the building.

Another respondent, Biscuit or Cake?, suggested the land could be sold for development, with the money used for affordable housing or other critical Nelson projects, or to pay off debt.


Blackcat14 suggested a new 8000 to 10,000-seat stand could be built at Saxton Field, with Trafalgar Park levelled and turned into inner-city apartments.

"Richmond is taking over and it seems more companies are heading that way. Over time, this should be close to self-funding."

Riwaka man John Robb said on Facebook that mayors and councillors needed to be reined in nationwide.

"They are exposing citizens and ratepayers to debt which it becomes impossible to repay without significant rate hikes."

Josh Neill also expressed doubts, suggesting the council could increase rates by 20 per cent a year after the stand was constructed.

Sue Smith said she would not be voting for Mr Miccio this year.

"They can find money to do what he wants to do, but when it comes to tarsealing a small, stupid piece of crummy, dirty, dusty road that we have been waiting for [for] the last 40 years to be sealed, it can't be done."

Sarah-Jane Macmillan said issues with the height of the stand were behind the use of temporary seating.

"Don't see how the issue is any different now, except he plans destruction and a minimising of our rugby."

But Mr Miccio did see some support, with Rangimarie Coleman saying it was about time for the move, and Ms Macmillan agreeing with the construction of the new grandstand but saying the demolition of rugby clubs, car parking and other buildings was "silly".