Hair today, gone tommorrow

19:09, Jan 30 2013
Chris Whitnell
HAIR-RAISING EXPERIENCE: Chris Whitnell is going to have his long hair and beard shaved off with the funds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Chris Whitnell has grown his hair for four long years. A razor has not been near his face for six months.

But on February 8 the hairy New Zealand King Salmon worker is cutting it all off. The father of three hopes to raise $3000 for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Mr Whitnell decided to get the chop after a colleague at the Nelson Suburban Club cut her hair off. She told Mr Whitnell it was his turn next. It was a challenge he could not turn down.

"I decided pretty much that night. Why not? It grows back and if I can raise some funds for child cancer that's a good thing."

Mr Whitnell said he wanted to donate the money to the Child Cancer Foundation because as much as it was unfair that anyone got cancer, it was doubly unfair that young ones got it and had to go through treatment.

Mr Whitnell works at the coldstore at King Salmon, which he estimated reached temperatures of minus 18 degrees. He had previously not had to wear a hat when he went into the coldstore, but would probably have to now.

People would not recognise him without his hair - but he was most interested in how his 18-month-old child and three-month-old baby would react.

He also wants to donate his hair to charity, and was looking to find a charity that could use it.

"Obviously there is a fair chunk there. If it can go to someone else and help someone who needs it. It's no good for me once it's gone, but it might be good for someone else."