Eyeball the tasty morsels

03:00, Jan 31 2013
COLLINGWOOD DELICACY: Campbell Peters serves up a dish of eyeballs.

Crocodile, eyeballs and testicles will be among the wild food on offer at the 6th annual Collingwood Summer Food Fair this Nelson Anniversary weekend.

An annual fundraiser for the Collingwood Rugby Football Club, the event on Sunday is expected to attract around 1000 adventurous eaters.

Club treasurer Pete Watkins said the strangest food on offer this year would be crocodile, which was a new delicacy for the fair.

Hare, venison, goat, salads, pancakes and soups would also be on the menu.

"People want what they can't usually get at home. Even with mussels and cockles, we just try and do them in our own way.

"Towards the end of the evening there are two hangis we bring out, plus the pig or sheep on the spit, those are always the most popular."


Once the entry fee of $25 is paid, people are free to graze merrily.

"It keeps it simple," said Mr Watkins.

As well as a great lineup of activities for children, this year a new feature has been added to the fair - a wife-carrying race.

The Collingwood Summer Fair will be held at the Collingwood Recreation Ground and kicks off at 3pm on Sunday, or Monday if raining. Courtesy coaches are available for homes within the Collingwood and Takaka areas.

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