Bo proves great ambassador for Nelson

23:00, Feb 01 2013
Bo Kessler
STEP TO STARDOM: Bo Kessler, 7, of Stoke, is filmed with Chip the cockatiel by Earl Kingi of Pickled Possum Productions for TV2’s if Tiki Tour nf at Natureland Zoo.

Bo Kessler wants to be a singer, and already she's being prepped for fame.

The Nelson 7-year-old was at Natureland Zoo yesterday filming her television debut with TV2 show Tiki Tour.

Bo won a video-entry competition to be Nelson's proudest ambassador in the preschool-aged show, which will air later this year.

Tiki Tour visits 16 celebrated New Zealand places, and at each a confident young local acts as a tour guide.

Bo will take viewers through Natureland Zoo, the World of WearableArts museum, Port Nelson and the Centre of New Zealand walkway - some of her favourite spots around town.

Director Janis McCarthy said competition was hot in Nelson, with more applications coming from this city than any other.


"It shows how keen Nelsonians are to show off their city," she said.

Bo was a natural choice because she was a proud representative for the city, Ms McCarthy said.

"Bo was very energetic, enthusiastic, and we could tell she was a lot of fun and a great ambassador for Nelson."

Like a natural movie star, busy Bo had little to say to media, but admitted she was excited to be on television.

She had a lizard on her head at one stage during filming - the things we do for fame. "It felt funny," she said, "it didn't actually hurt, it just tickled."

Bo's mum Martine said her daughter always wanted to be an actress.

"Here we go, it's a start," she said.

The Kessler family emigrated from Holland four years ago, and have not looked back.

"We were meant to be here for one term, for the kids to see how school is over here. But after that they enjoyed it so much that we stayed.

"This feels more like home than Holland does, now."

Kept secret from Bo was the "pocket-money" she would receive from Pickled Possum Productions, the company behind Tiki Tour and popular children's shows Sticky TV and Kidzone.

Martine said Bo deserved a stipend for her tireless summer of work.

"She's been working so hard for me in the garden, trying to save for a $50 digital camera.

"She'll get paid at the end of the day - that's really nice."

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