Festival atmosphere at Luminate

02:44, Feb 04 2013
Kaytibunny Roberts
SEASONED MOVER: Professional Flow artist Kaytibunny Roberts practises with a dragon staff near the main stage at the Luminate festival.

Applause and cheers erupted from zones, people embraced with passion, and children zipped about on bikes during a routine Sunday afternoon at the annual Luminate Festival on Canaan Downs, Takaka Hill.

Gate co-ordinator Joe Carssar, who usually works on larger English festivals such as Glastonbury, said organisers were still trying to work out the numbers of people who had attended the week-long festival.

"Judging from the traffic and the crowds it's a really good year. Though that's not nearly as significant as the quality of the experience for people, that's the bottom line," he said.

"The more creative and free people's experience, the more structured and organised it has to be behind the scenes."

Mr Carssar said the festival contained a complete balance of well-organised community and a good cultural and arts programme.

"All the top staff are walking round with a smile on their face so that's indicative of how things are going," he said.


He said weather conditions had been perfect.

"I've been here well over a week, the weather's been glorious. It drops at night. So you get these dynamic temperatures.

Golden Bay-based Lolly Dadley-Moore rode her horse Monty up the Rameka Track in Golden Bay to Luminate wearing a burlesque outfit.

"It was very adventurous. I was very excited and I was trying not to let that transmit to my horse because it was a narrow track. It was a spontaneous decision to come up. It is quite hairy in parts of the Rameka Track. It's for experienced riders," Ms Dadley-Moore said.

"I can't image anything better - festival and horse!"

Flow artist Kaytibunny Roberts was enjoying teaching and practising her trade at Luminate.

"I'm an object manipulator, you put something in my hand and I'll spin it around. My bread and butter is the hula hoop. If it's more than three hoops, it's Kaytibunny Roberts!"

Ms Roberts travels the world attending festivals as a professional flow artist. She had just flown in from Australia and before that she was in Mexico, she said.

She recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine performing with hula hoops.

Golden Bay-based Jojoy Brown said she loved nights at Luminate.

"At night time people come alive with their outfits. There's a woman dressed as a goat here," she said.

"My highlight? We park our bikes on bamboo bike stands.

"You couldn't get more natural than that."